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Our shade sails are of the highest quality materials. They are cut and sewn here in Australia for our custom designs. We use a wide variety of fabrics to suit your particular installation, including Rainbow, Monotec, Ferrari, Protex and Extrablock. 


All our fabrics have a MINIMUM 10 year guarantee (up to 15 in some situations) and they are sewn with PTFE thread which has a LIFETIME guarantee.


These come in a variety of colours and UV protection values. A friendly member of the team will discuss with you the perfect shade sail fabric for your project.

Protex Parasol


 Protex parasol is available in 10 colours. This fabric is made from UV stabilised yarn, has a high strength to weight ratio, and also has up to 95% UVR block. Parasol is abrasion resistant, and has a 10 year warranty. 

Protex Parasol is a great all-round product, offering excellent strength and durability characteristics with an economical result. 

Rainbow Shade Z16



Rainbow Shade Z16 is available in 24 different colours. It provides excellent strangth to weight ratio, and is forgiving without a great degree of fall. This fabric has a 10 year warranty.

Z16 is a excellent choice for smaller sails, and ideal for use in childcare centres and smaller commerical projects. It's vivid range of colours will enhance any area. 

Gale Pacific: Commercial 95



Commercial 95 is available in 10 different colours. It is lead and phthalate free. LDPE has excellent dirt and repellent qualities and also has exceptional adhesions to knitted substrate. It is an Australian made fabric. 

This product has long been the benchmark for heavy duty commerical fabrics and is particularly suited to larger sails.

Monotec 370


Monotec 370 is available in 14 different colours and is 90-94% UVR Block. This fabric is Australian made, and is resistant to strong winds. It is also vandal resistant and has a 10 year warranty at 10% pro-rata per year. 

This is the premium and only Australian-made shade cloth on the market. It is available with a fire-retardent coating and has the highest strength properties of any shade fabric.


 Architec 400



Architec 400 is available in 12 different colours. It is a 400gsm High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) fabric and is extremely strong and resistant to tearing. This fabric has a 15 year warranty, and is ideal for use in large commerical and municipal applications, particularly in areas exposed to high winds. 

Ferarri Precontraint 502


Ferarri precontraint 502 is available in 40 different colours. It is applicable to lightweight tensile membrane structures, awnings and canopies, and shade sails. It is made from woven polyester base cloth, and has weldable PVC coating. This fabric has a 15 year warranty and is used on our premium water-proof systems.


Mehler Valmex FR580



Mehler Valmex FR580 is available in 14 different colours, and enables applications that require very light as well as robust fabrics. This fabric also has a 10 year manufacturer's warranty, and provides a excellent water-proof solution for medium to large membranes.