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About Us

Family Owned and Operated, we at Central Industries take pride in the delivery of high quality product, competitive pricing and customer service with a smile.

We are located in Lithgow at the foot of the Blue Mountains and in Darwin in the Northern Territory, ensuring that we are able to meet the needs of customers across numerous states and territories.

We provide personalised service, with a wealth of expertise and attention to detail. Satisfied customers are our primary objective.


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Every aspect of the product and service we offer has been extensively researched to ensure our customers the highest possible quality product alongside the most applicable solution for your projects.


At Central Shade, we realize efficiency and prime service are key to customer satisfaction, and strive to meet and exceed these expectations. Our friendly customer service team, professional design and engineering consultants and outstanding construction crew collaborate to ensure first class service.

Every facet of our business revolves around excellence, excellence in service, excellence in design, and excellence in the completed project.


When faced with a difficult issue, we choose what is right, as opposed to what is easiest. Integrity is the basis of our customer relationships, and achievements are made through the consistency of our operations, not through compromising our values and principles.


We boast affordable pricing for every customer’s needs, while maintaining high standards of product quality and service. We understand customer’s needs and budget constraints for projects


At Central Industries we are committed to excellence: excellence in service, excellence in product, and excellence in our work. 


We pledge to strive for excellence in all facets of our business and commit to maintaining a positive relationship with all our clients.


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